Unleash the leadership within.

Activate non-sales employees to grow revenue and increase your bottom-line while creating a business that works together, serves together, and grows together.

​How We Work

​Maximizing potential upside for you and your clients.

​Same Page Success ​

A hidden contributor to success sits lying dormant in your business, costing you precious opportunity.  Whether it's ​building the big picture or simply getting on the same page to see and act on it, ​you can increase revenue and profit ​when every employee has a mission to build referrals and repeat business. 

​Follow Through ​& Follow Up

​Honing in on the tactical activities your team need​s to improve ​conversion rates, ​increase upsales, and ​ reactivat​e former clients​.  All done while empowering team members to take charge on the follow through & follow up.

​Building Brand Ambassadors

​Your branding, what you want your clients to say about you, looks beautiful on a website or in a marketing campaign.  ​Yet your employees ​ma​y or may not carry it forward into their client interactions​.  We ​​go ​beyond the marketing to build you employee brand ambassadors.

​who we are

​Grounded in service.  Built for success.

The Lekwaa Leaders Program transforms the way ​your team works together and individually, activating especially ​your non-sales employees to ​build relationships, ​increase revenue and ​grow your bottom-line profit​. ​

​Our programs ensure actionable and accountable next steps, connecting the tactical actions with long-term sustainable growth.   ​

​​​​​We work with our clients to maximize their growth momentum, ​with employees that act as brand ambassadors​ and who ​engage in their work to create a higher value exchange with clients, ​now and in the future.

Whether your leadership is dynamic or behind the scenes, we invite you to ​mobilize ​your team to better collaborate and more closely connect with ​the client base.  

Our approach

​The "Overhead To ROI" ​Process

​Lekwaa helps you maximize ​your employee opportunity, get rid of employee costs and the maintenance mentality, and start building Brand Ambassadors and a Same Page Success Plan with our 4-step “Overhead To ROI” process.  

​T​hese steps - ​Perspective, Goals, Priorities, and Return - empower your employees, build team ​effectiveness, and take the pressure off you to be constantly driving growth and momentum.​

It’s not just team unity and growth momentum, but employees that act as brand ambassadors, driving toward a higher value exchange with clients whether they are in sales or not.  


​​What ​others have to say about us

Rachel views situations in a non-linear fashion which allows her to solve problems that seem unsolvable. Her ability to articulate the situation efficiently instills observable growth in all that train with her. If you work with her and think that you will not learn valuable, practical information, that would be a mistake. 

​Torriente Toliver

​mind body defense

It's easy to overlook the gaps in your business when you're currently in it, but Rachel really focuses on bridging those gaps and taking a look at those blindspots that could potentially be holding you back.

​Chelsee Carter


Meeting and working with Rachel has opened my eyes to what’s possible for my future. She has given me a roadmap for moving onward and upward. ​I can see the passion she has for getting to the root of the pain points in my business and offering concrete and meaningful solutions.

​Aaron Gang

​Aaron Gang photography

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