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A word native to the Tlingits of Southeast Alaska, Lékwaa (LAY-kwah) means “fighting spirit”, a sentiment that our  team brings forth on behalf of our clients every day.  We help leaders and leaders-to-be in professional services achieve ​more success with less stress by working directly with your doers to understand how they can directly contribute into growing your sales as well as recommendations, referrals and repeat business. ​ ​We work with you to transform your high potential doers into true success contributors ​and create an all-hands-on-deck team that generates sustainable recurring revenue, increases ​ take-home profit, and leaves time at the end of the day to focus on what matters to you.

Rachel Steininger Headshot Small Business Growth Consultant

​Rachel Steininger

​CEO and founder, Rachel Steininger, is an executive leader known for engaging all levels of an organization to drive business growth. She excels at bringing strategic ideas to profitable reality, orchestrating collaborative execution programs, leading cross-functional teams, and distilling complex ideas into implementable action plans. ​Whether ​it was in her tenure helping major financial institutions as Head of Client Service at UBS or looking back on her days helping tourists ​enjoy their Alaska cruise, Rachel  consistently and successfully ​builds profitable and sustainable operational models ​for businesses and individual professionals while ​meeting the needs of clients and stakeholders.

With excellent critical thinking skills and a confidence-building presence, Rachel has a proven track record in ​delivering excellent customer experiences through ​the creation of high quality client connection, ​the development of processes and systems to minimize the noise of business management, and ​providing mentorship and coaching to those committed to developing their professional success.

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